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About Nephew Aquariums

Aquários Sobrinho is a 100% Brazilian company that manufactures and supplies high quality filtering equipment, in addition to carrying out research with the aim of improving the level of fishkeeping in the country.

  • We manufacture high quality equipment aimed at the Brazilian reality;

  • We have been working for over 30 years in fishkeeping as a hobby and for over 10 years in professional fishkeeping;

  • We returned our undergraduate and master's degrees to filtering areas;

  • We treat fishkeeping as an area of science linked to fish farming and sanitation;

  • We work with continuous improvement processes for our manufacturing methods and processes;

  • We serve each client in a personalized way because we understand that no case is equal to the other;

  • We study related subjects every day and make a point of sharing our learning for free and free;

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