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Flora Gum Aquarium Fertilizer

fertilizante aquário plantado
fertilizante aquário plantado

FLORA GUM is a unique fertilizer in the Aquarism market,  developed to meet the needs of the most advanced aquariums, correcting the deficiencies and complaints of common fertilizers found in this market.

Composed of micro and macro nutrients, microencapsulated in a special polymer, based on organic carbon, with ultra slow dissolution, it guarantees punctual and precise fertilization, directly at the plant roots, without emitting any nutrients to the aquarium water.

Nitrate and Phosphate free, it uses organic carbon to colonize the substrate with bacteria that will help mineralize nitrogen and phosphorus where it is needed, within reach of plant roots and out of reach of the infamous algae.

Unlike products already found on the market that dissolve in a few days, FLORA GUM  it remains composed for several months, releasing nutrients as the plants need, without losing its efficiency.

FLORA GUM has a much larger amount of nutrients than traditional fertilizers, which can be seen in the size of each gum. Therefore, it lasts much longer and yields much more, being able to maintain its efficiency for a year or more, depending on the quantity, type and size of the plants.

With controlled dosage of iron, and without emission of this nutrient into the water, FLORA GUM helps to prevent the appearance of unwanted peteca algae, and other types of filamentous, which depend on this nutrient dissolved in water to develop.

With exhaustively researched quantities  of Ca, Mg, I, Sr, Li, Ba, Co, Zn, Fe, Ti, B, Cr, Ag, K, Mn, Cu, Mo and Se,  FLORA GUM is complete, eliminating any other mineral fertilizer  for plants with roots in the substrate, as well as dispensing with the use of fertile substrates, which compromise the aesthetics and quality of the aquarium water, in addition to the high cost of these substrates.

Versatile and easy to use, FLORA GUM is also suitable for immersed fertilization, and can be used in paludariums or in simple plant pots.  

FLORA GUM , by the action of organic carbon, acts as a biological booster in the substrate, increasing its capacity to fix beneficial bacteria, which helps in the general filtration of the aquarium, reducing the amount of contaminants inside the substrate and improving the general appearance of the substrate. aquarium.

Because it is an ultra slow-dissolving and fixing gum, FLORA GUM remains where it was placed, not  being removed by siphoning, which usually occurs with other fertilizers.

Each gum covers an area 20 cm in diameter. That is, it fertilizes 10 cm around each gum. This allows you to fertilize already rooted plants without damaging their main roots. FLORA GUM fertilizes substrates up to 10 cm thick.



Before placing the substrate, which in this case may be an inert (non-fertile) substrate, or even after it has been placed,  place a FLORA GUM gum every 20 cm (20 cm of distance between the gums and in all directions) against the bottom glass, and place the substrate normally.

For areas where "carpets" will be planted, cut each gum into four pieces, which is easily done, and place 1/4 (one piece) of gum every 5 cm, leaning against the bottom glass.  



Bury a GUM FLORA GUM  every 20 cm, as close as possible to the bottom glass, by hand or with aquascaping tweezers.  The gums can be introduced into the substrate in the unplanted areas, up to 10 cm away from the plants to be fertilized.

Large plants such as Echinodorus, Nuphar or Nymphaea, may receive a gum.  additional.

To fertilize carpets, cut each gum into four pieces, and bury through the plants, using tweezers, every 5 cm, or where necessary.



To fertilize a single plant, or just a spot in the aquarium, bury a gum as close as possible to the bottom glass, up to 10 cm away from the plant.



To fertilize paludariums, simply introduce a gum into the cracks of rocks or trunks, where there is a concentration of roots, or, in the case of very dense roots, introduce a gum into the root tangle.

To fertilize potted plants or cacti, just bury a gum  up to a maximum depth of 10 cm in the substrate. Each gum fertilizes a pot of up to 20 cm in diameter. For large plants, use two or three gums, and observe the plant's development.

FLORA GUM is perfectly safe for fertilizing orchids and bromeliads, but does not supply them completely, as  these plants require fertilization specific to each species. In this case, FLORA GUM serves as a supplement to the nutrients mentioned in the composition.

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