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Brokers of  pH for ponds and ornamental aquariums

One of the most common and recurrent problems in the maintenance of ornamental ponds is the constant drop in pH.  To solve the pH problem we have two supplement options available.

We have developed a buffer based on several compounds that helps to keep the lake's pH stable for longer.

ReatPlus, a medium for Sobrinho Aquarium reactors, was developed with the purpose of supplying calcium reactors, sulfur reactors and carbonate reactors, and also to increase the Ph  and the alkaline reserve of lakes, aquariums, store batteries and fish ponds, in a cheap, efficient and safe way.

It can be used in fluidized reactors to get a much better result.

For more information about ReatPlus, click here!

Nephew Aquarium Acidifier

corretor de ph ácido

Our acidifier was developed to reduce the pH of freshwater aquariums very safely and economically.  

Nephew Aquarium Acid Buffer pH 6.5 and pH 6.0

tamponador de ph ácido

Our buffer for acid water aquariums has the function of keeping the pH stable within the desired range, so there is a buffer for each pH range of freshwater aquariums.

This acid aquarium buffer is very suitable for discus and other Amazonian aquariums.

We produce buffers for aquariums with a pH of 6.5 and aquariums with a pH of 6.0.

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