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Water Conditioners for Aquariums of All Types

Nephew Aquarium Acidifier

corretor de ph ácido

Our acidifier was developed to reduce the pH of freshwater aquariums very safely and economically. 

Sobrinho Aquarium Acid Buffer for varied pH

tamponador de ph ácido

Our buffer for acid water aquariums has the function of keeping the pH stable within the desired range, so there is a buffer for each pH range of freshwater aquariums.  

This acid aquarium buffer is very suitable for discus and other Amazonian aquariums.  

We produce buffers for aquariums with a pH of 6.5 and aquariums with a pH of 6.0. 

Buffer for lakes Aquários Sobrinho pH 7.0  - 7.2

tamponador aquários e lagos

 The capper for ponds from Aquários Sobrinho was developed to maintain stable the pH of carp and kingfish ponds that, due to their biological characteristics, require buffering in this more stable pH range. This improves the performance of biological filters helping to fight unwanted micro-algae (green water) and improving water transparency.  

Its balanced chemical composition and high quality salts guarantee a higher yield than conventional buffers for aquariums, which is important considering the large volumes of lakes. 

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