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Filter  canister  Nephew aquariums for aquariums and lakes

  The best option  for  physical, chemical and biological filtration of aquariums and ornamental ponds

​Aquários Sobrinho is a company that manufactures customized filtering equipment for aquariums and ornamental ponds, and its main product is the canister filter.

We make our filters to meet the specific needs of every hobbyist who usually can't find an aquarium filter option that fully meets them. Imported filters are standardized and almost always do not meet the needs of the Brazilian hobbyist.

We make canister filters in order to make the most of the available space for filtering that the aquarist has and we can adapt numerous solutions to different problems.

Filtro canister aquário filtragem biológica física química

Understand how the Aquários Sobrinho canister filter is built and see why it is your best purchase option to have the best filtration for your aquarium or ornamental pond. 

Aquários Sobrinho canister filter: the most efficient on the market

The canister filter is the best filtering option for aquariums and ornamental ponds from a technological, hydrodynamic and convenience point of view. The canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho manages to gather all the necessary qualities for a good filtration, such as large media capacity, large flow, ease of maintenance  with qualities that are comfortable for the hobbyist such as being a silent and easy-to-maintain filter.

Filtro canister Aquários Sobrinho

Aquários Sobrinho defends the canister filter is not because we sell canister filters, we started to sell canister filters precisely because this type of filter proved to be much better than other filtering options in all important points.

See below how canister filters  work and are made and understand why Aquários Sobrinho canister filters are the best on the market in terms of quality, filtering capacity and  cost/benefit and you'll realize that buying a canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho will be your best decision. 

The body of the canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho

Our canister filters are made of rigid PVC in tubes of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm or 400mm and are the largest canister filters  of aquarium in the Brazilian market.

We build the aquarium filter in the size that the customer needs with the features he needs. Each filter we build is unique for each customer, we listen to their needs and work on it to provide the best filter to ensure the best filtering.  

PVC is a very resistant material which makes the canister filter have a durability of more than 10 years! Much longer than most imported filters.  It is also an excellent thermal insulator and it absorbs the vibration of the pumps well, making the Aquários Sobrinho canister filter very silent.

Another important point is that all our canister filters are completely  soldiers are not  simply pasted together. This makes our filters never come unstuck and leak.

Our filters fit more media than is needed for filtering an aquarium. The image below shows how much media fits into our filters.  

All of our connections are ABNT standard, which allows the hobbyist to adapt as needed with materials available at any building supply store such as bends, knees and Ts.

Aquários Sobrinho canister filters can be customized with the colors that customers want.

Our filters are designed to fit large amounts of media and have the highest media usable volume ratio on the market!

filtros (1) - Copy.jpg

The sealing of the canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho


The sealing rubber of our canister filter can be found anywhere and can even be adapted to pressure cooker rubbers. We developed the Aquários Sobrinho canister filter to be easy to maintain anywhere in the country.  

The cover of our filters is flanged, which guarantees much greater safety against leaks and withstands high pressures. The screw system also works with any type of screw in the proper dimensions that can be purchased anywhere. 


​​ The canister filter pump from Aquários Sobrinho 

The canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho accepts virtually any model of submerged pump for aquariums and lakes, whether it is an ordinary pump or an electronic pump. This great versatility allows the hobbyist to change the bomb in his own city and not have to throw the filter away in case the bomb burns out.  

Our filter also withstands huge pressures which allows to use pumps of large flow without any problems.


Our internal pump filters can use any submerged pump that fits its dimensions:

  • 150mm filters support internal pump up to 2000l/h

  • 200mm filters support internal pump up to 6000l/h

  • Filters in  250mm support internal pump up to 8000l/h

  • Filters in  300mm support internal pump up to 12000l/h

  • Filters in  400mm internal pumps up to 20000l/h  

The only thing to note is that Aquários Sobrinho canister filters support a water column pressure of up to 9  meters and above this pressure can damage the equipment. We can build higher pressure filters on request. ​

The backwash system of the canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho

An optional feature of Aquários Sobrinho canister filters  is the possibility of being built with valve backwash technology, a function that allows the filter to be cleaned without even being opened or moved from place.

The backwash of our aquarium filters guarantees greater comfort to the aquarist who can, during the process of partial water change, already clean the filter with the aquarium water itself. This saves the hobbyist's time and effort so that he will be able to enjoy his aquarium more.  

An important feature is that the backwash will only work fully with our expanded clay media system and plastic media. It is possible to use other media together, but the backwash result will not be as good.  Without our media system, backwash is completely inefficient.

The canister filter media system from Aquários Sobrinho

In our canister filter we use a very simple and functional system of expanded clay and plastic media. Both media make an excellent physical and biological filtration and, best of all, they are free to the customer in large quantities and are sufficient for filtering the aquarium they are indicated. These media are permanent and never need to be changed, which generates huge savings for the hobbyist.

This media system is also what makes the backwashing of Aquários Sobrinho canister filters possible and helps the aquarist to clean their filter without even opening it.  

The 250mm diameter or larger diameter Aquários Sobrinho filters have side bags suitable for the use of chemical media without clogging the aquarium.

Modular canister filter, the economical option for good aquarium filtration

Thinking about economy and practicality, Aquários Sobrinho created  a basic version of our pressurized filter with the same result: the modular canister filter.

The main difference between the normal filter and the modular filter is that we removed the cover from the basic filter and made a permanent media system on our filter. This way we can save material and labor costs without altering the filtering capacity of our filter in any way.  

In the modular canister filter, the internal media is permanent and will never be changed. It can be composed of expanded clay and plastic media, especially with the use of ceramic rings.

002 (1).JPG

The cleaning of the modular filter is done solely by backwashing the filter, without having to work to remove the media to clean.

The modular filter pump is external and needs to be inside the aquarium or pond, which increases the amount of media compared to a filter with an internal pump.

Because it does not have a lid, the modular filter is lower than a normal filter, which makes the modular canister filter the ideal filter to use in an aquarium with low furniture.


No chemical media is used in our modular filter. If the hobbyist wants to use this type of media, it will be necessary to use an auxiliary filter for that type of media.

In terms of economy, the modular canister filter is 30% cheaper than a normal canister filter with the same media configuration, in addition to having a smaller height, it is recommended to use it as the main filter or as a complete for other filtering systems.

Main reasons for you to buy a canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho

The three main reasons for you to buy a canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho are:


Easy maintenance filter: The maintenance of our canister filter is  extremely simple and, due to its size, it can  go much longer without cleaning. The backwash system option greatly speeds up cleaning and reduces the hobbyist's headache. You buy a filter from Aquários Sobrinho and take home the comfort that no other aquarium filter can.  to offer.

Most reliable option : Our entire filtration system is built on principles  of mechanical engineering, mainly fluid mechanics, so that it has  the best performance an aquarium filter can have.  You buy a canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho and take home the certainty of an efficient and high quality filter.

Robustness : We use only high quality materials and always test our filters before delivering them to the customer. You buy a canister filter from Aquários Sobrinho and take it home with the certainty of an equipment that will work for many years without having unexpected problems.

Some aquariums and ponds that use our canister filter

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