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Oximax - Inhibitor of algae and microorganisms from Aquários Sobrinho

Oximax inibidor de algas oxidação

We are officially launching our newest equipment for freshwater aquariums: the Oximax!

Using Oximax has numerous benefits:

- Helps in the oxygenation of the aquarium.
- Helps to combat and prevent all types of algae, including shuttlecocks
- It oxidizes metals and organic compounds that cloud the water or impair filtration.
- Helps in eliminating bacteria and other organisms that can affect aquarium fish.
- Eliminates chlorine and a small amount of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

The mechanism that makes all this possible is very simple and will be explained below.

Oximax works on the principle of water electrolysis, which is the decomposition of water through an electrical current.

The first benefit mentioned is the generation of oxygen, which will partially dissolve in the water, bringing oxygen to fish, plants, bacteria and other inhabitants of the aquarium. This same oxygen is toxic to anaerobic bacteria that cause some illnesses.

Algae are a problem in all types of aquariums and some are difficult to treat. Oximax helps fight and prevent algae due to oxidizing agents produced during electrolysis such as hydrogen peroxide, active oxygen and the hydroxyl radical, by oxidizing metal ions and organic compounds. These oxidizing agents destroy microorganisms that do not have many defenses against oxidizing agents, unlike animals, plants and other developed organisms that have more developed defenses.

Aquariums often become cloudy due to excess organic compounds or even excess bacteria. Oximax, due to its oxidizing effect, manages to eliminate many organic and inorganic compounds and microorganisms, leaving the water more crystalline.

The main oxidizing effect of Oximax occurs in one of its electrodes where hydroxyl is formed on its surface, thus, the animals and plants in the aquarium are protected from any serious damage, unlike ozone systems where it is necessary to maintain strict control to avoid problems. The electrodes can accumulate organic and inorganic matter that can be removed in cleaning or when leaving the Oximax to be removed by physical filtration.

Oximax also has its limitations. It's not some miraculous equipment that will solve every problem, it just helps. It is not possible to help remove the organic matter if the feed used is of poor quality and is fed in excess to the fish. We also recommend the supplementation of trace elements in the water to meet the needs of animals and plants if the use of Oximax is constant (in the intensive treatment of algae, for example).

The advantage of Oximax is precisely the control and reduced effect of oxidative agents, it is to help solve problems and not as a magic solution.

Indications for use:

- Improve filtering
- Fight and prevent algae and some infectious diseases
- Reduce levels of iron and some other metals in the water
- Help make the water crystal clear


  • It is not recommended to use Oximax in aquariums planted without fertile substrate due to the reduction of free nutrients in the water and this can negatively affect the plants.

  • It is not recommended to use Oximax in marine aquariums due to the nature of its functioning and the marine environment.

In all our tests, no animal or plant suffered any problem with use. No compound produced by Oximax is toxic. Metal ions released by the electrodes are quickly oxidized and become inert. In none of the tests was noticed staining of water by the electrodes.

Ways to use:

We recommend the maximum use of Oximax of one hour on and one hour off, interspersing operation and pause. This maximum use should only be used when treating a large algae infestation. In milder cases, Oximax can work from one hour on interspersed with up to 4 hours off, depending on the need. Thus, there will be no problems with increasing the oxidation potential and will continue to help prevent algae and other microorganisms. Below are some indications for use:

A lot of algae: 1 hour on, 1 hour off 
Some algae: 1 hour on, 1 hour and a half off
Low algae: 1 hour on, 2 hours off
Milky water: 1 hour on, 2 hours off
Prevention: 1 hour on, 2 to 4 hours off

The functioning of Oximax depends on the conductivity of the aquarium water, so the same equipment can make more or less bubbles in different aquariums, thus altering the necessary operating time.

Maximum power 40w

Claudio's Aquariums before Oximax
Claudio's Aquariums later  of Oximax
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