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Balling system dispenser

The Balling Doser is a pre-programmed digital timer, with 4 plug type outputs, which activates in a regular and precise way, four pumps, of any type, that are connected to them.
Each output was programmed to turn on for 15 seconds, with an interval of 60 minutes between each one, completing the cycle in 4 hours.
Thus, the pumps regularly and accurately dose any liquid solution that is desired to be applied continuously and regularly, in six daily doses of each. 
In marine aquariums, solutions of Calcium (Ca) , Magnesium (Mg) , Buffers (KH) and Trace elements (trace elements) are usually dosed. It is also necessary to replace fresh water, lost through evaporation.
These elements, when dosed, cause an ionic imbalance. This doser reduces this imbalance, making smaller and frequent dosages.
Thus, this feeder was designed to meet these needs, with economy, safety and simplicity.
The use of the doser depends on the needs of each aquarium, and the creativity of each Aquarist, in using this resource.

Dosadora Balling Aquários Sobrinho
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