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These are our partners who helped us get where we are

Extreme Comunicação Visual works with the latest technologies in the market and operates in various segments. We seek to offer the best Cost x Benefit in services.

Sale and breeding of fish and aquatic ornamental plants

Tel: (27) 997318400 (live/whatsapp)

Av. Jerônimo Monteiro, 1725, Glória, Vila Velha-ES.


Claudio Griffo


Efficient, robust and economical chillers. It is a reliable equipment for the aquarist who cares about the well-being of his animals. 

The world of lakes and aquariums in your hands. General fishkeeping products in wholesale and retail. Very skilled professionals and high quality of service. Seriousness and commitment to your work.

Born in 2010, the idea of  AquaA3  is to contribute to fishkeeping in Brazil. Be it planted aquarium, Betta, marine, aquascaping, cichlids or jumbos.

Stainless steel furniture and utensils for aquariums. No rust, modern design and durable.

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