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Remote Heater - A new concept in freshwater aquarium heating

Definitive solution for large, advanced freshwater aquariums, which require strict temperature control in heating, as well as "indoor" store or fish farm batteries, combined with energy savings.

It is a closed unit, connected in series with the aquarium filter, whether canister or sump, or any other electronically controlled water circulation, located next to the filtration system, and/or remote from the tank. The filtered water is heated and returned through the existing filtering means (line connection), eliminating any extra object inside the display due to heating, which greatly improves the aquarium's aesthetics and safety.

Its unique digital thermostat is easily programmable, and intelligently controls the resistance power according to the heat demand. This allows the standard heater to be installed in tanks from 200 to 1800 liters, without unnecessary use of electrical energy.

The resistance is made of stainless steel 316-L, practically incorruptible, and with an efficient heat dissipation system in the water, which also generates great energy savings.

The Remote Heater is not suitable for saltwater aquariums.

The body is built in rigid PVC, has 25mm of Polyurethane foam thermal insulation, simple closure and easy installation and maintenance.

Totally safe, it has a defense system against overheating, in case of interruption of circulation. Its special steel strength does not release any metal into the water, making the system biologically safe.
Compared to traditional thermostats, electricity savings can reach 30%.

- Maximum height - 46 cm;
- Maximum diameter - 20 cm;
- Weight - 4.8 kg;
- Power - from 100 to 1800 watts, electronically controlled;
- Precision of adjustment - 0.1º C;
- Reading accuracy - 0.1º C;
- Minimum required flow - 1200 L/H;
- Maximum residual heat - 10 to 150 KCal (according to the power used);
- Connections - Standard PVC for civil construction.

- Version with its own pump;
- 3000 Watt version.

Aquecedor Remoto Aquários Sobrinho

Slim Remote Heater for small and medium-sized aquariums

We developed a more compact model to be used mainly in aquariums that have little space in the furniture.

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