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Improve the water quality of your aquarium or lake with the Red-Bio Filter from Aquários Sobrinho


Red-Bio Filter is a consortium of Purple Non-Sulfurous Bacteria (BPNS) produced from aquarist to aquarist. This product will help you control ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and organic matter in aquariums and ornamental ponds.

These special bacteria are able to metabolize a series of molecules that leave the water in aquariums and ornamental ponds with poor quality and that harm the health and quality of life of fish, invertebrates and aquarium plants.

BPNS advantages for your aquariums

  • Removes ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and organic matter

  • Contributes to plant growth

  • Protect and feed corals

  • Helps keep the water crystal clear

  • Prevents some diseases in fish and shrimp

  • Removes heavy metals from water

  • Helps to prevent and fight algae

  • Feeds fish and shrimp larvae

  • Zooplankton feeding


For only R$40.00 + shipping, you get a product that will help to give a better quality of life to your aquarium's fish, plants and invertebrates!

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If you liked what you read so far and would like to improve the water quality of your ornamental aquarium and give a better life to your aquatic friends click here and fill in our contact form or contact us at the numbers below:
31 982859240
27 993115626


If you are still not convinced of how Red-BIo FIlter can help you, read our informative text on BPNS at the link below and ask your questions:

See some testimonials from people who used and approved the BPNS of Aquários Sobrinho

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